The Good Attorneys: Helping Us Fight Hurricane Ida’s Devastation with Matthew Ory, Preston Hayes, David Ardoin & Barry Sartin, Jr.

Four guests join me for this important episode: Matthew Ory, Preston Hayes, Barry Sartin Jr., and David Ardoin. All are highly-respected civil & criminal attorneys who offer litigation services to individuals and businesses.

Matt Ory & David Ardoin have worked together 10 years at . Their practice areas included: criminal defense, medical malpractice, and personal injury.

Preston Hayes & Barry Sartin Jr. are partners at — they help clients primarily with business litigation, construction law, personal injury and trial presentation.

In this episode, the first hour we focus on Hurricane Ida: the recovery, price gouging…

NCAA’s NIL Rule, Dad Lunch Notes, Social Media & Mental Health with Dr. Chris Yandle

My guest is HUGE in Korea! He’s also fast-becoming famous here in the US.

Dr. Chris Yandle can thank his 8th-grade daughter, Addison, for worldwide fame and adulation. If not for her letting Dad know how much she enjoyed #DadLunchNotes, he might’ve stopped writing them.

As it were, the day Chris didn’t slip a note into Addison’s lunch, she asked what was up. That let Chris know she was not only reading his notes but enjoying them.

Following appearances on The Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and more recently, magazine, Chris’ book, , is starting to sell…

How to Nail Your Next Job Interview, The Big 5 Personality Traits, Intellectual Curiosity with Melanie Boudreaux

Melanie Boudreaux is an Assistant Professor at Nicholls State University — she teaches Human Resource Management. She’s also Faculty Advisor for the Society of Human Resource Management and works as HR Director at Environment Safety & Health Consulting Services (ES&H). And just in case Melanie found herself with free time — she’s also enrolled at University of South Alabama, where she will soon finish her PhD in Business Management.

In lieu of eating and sleeping, evidently, Melanie enjoys being a wife to Benny Boudreaux, a mother of 6-year old twins, and paints Louisiana-themed crafts at .

When I…

6 Rules for Life, The Delusion of Time & Thoughts on God with Brandt Quick

Brandt Quick is a Fully Integrated Business Coach (FIBC) & Certified Health Coach. He’s also CEO & President of , a health & fitness company, and CEO & President of , maker of natural sports nutrition energy, endurance, and recovery vitamins/supplements, which aim to improve quality of life.

A former Kansas State football player who later transferred to Tulane University, Brandt is now a triathlete and well-regarded trainer who’s competed at very high levels. He brings practical experience & knowledge not just to athletes, clients, and businesses, but also to himself & his coaching colleagues.0

In this…

Baseball: Old-Timers & New-Timers with Richard Cuicchi

My guest is Richard Cuicchi. He’s a New Orleans baseball historian and the founder of the Metro New Orleans Area Baseball Player Database. Born in Shaw, MS, he has spent most of his adult life in New Orleans, and says he’s now a true “New Orleanian.”

After graduating from Mississippi State University, Richard came to New Orleans to work for the local utility in IT. As a husband & father of four, he took the traditional route to retirement. That is, 40 years of living within his means, staying out of debt and diligently contributing to a 401K.

After retiring…

Leadership Lessons, Coaching College Baseball & Kicking Cancer’s A$$ with Gee Cassard

Gee Cassard is the Head Baseball Coach at Ascension Catholic High School in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. We first met when he recruited me to play baseball at Nicholls State University, where he was the Assistant Coach / Head Recruiter at the time.

Coach Gee gave me a chance to play Division I baseball, and for that I’m forever grateful. I don’t know how my life works out if he doesn’t give me a shot.

In this episode, we spend significant time swapping baseball stories. We recall games & road trips we shared at NSU at the turn of the century, which…

Around the World with Nomad on FIRE

My guest is Eric Richard — he’s pretty far along the path to FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). In fact, in July 2019, he quit his full-time job to become a location-independent entrepreneur.

After learning about FIRE in 2015, he immediately began making positive life changes. First thing he got serious about was personal finance. By following the principles of financial independence (FI), he soon had enough savings & investments to leave his job and start living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Dream come true.

Eric now hosts the podcast, where he talks about the digital nomad lifestyle…

Risky Business: Alligator Hunting, A Fortune-Teller & Getting the Girl with Bryan McGehee

Bryan McGeHee is my guest. Together with his brother, Mitch, they started in 2017, selling coolers with only three available sizes to mostly family & friends. Four years later business is booming — they’ve expanded to drinkware, apparel, accessories, and replacement parts in addition to various coolers!

In this episode, we discuss GATR’s explosive growth — from conception till now. First, Bryan tells me why they named the company after alligators. Answer: trapping [alligators] has been a huge part of their life. He loves the culture around the swamps, and wanted the company’s spelling to be a play…

Dating as a Divorced Dad, Climbing Out of Debt & Being Twitter Famous with Mark Allan Bovair

I’ve gotten to know , where he’s built a huge following consistently sharing his thoughts & ideas.

Mark is the author of the . He’s also a single dad of three teenagers who has a full-time job in Accounting and three (3) profitable side-businesses — all while studying for the Life Insurance & Series 6 exams to be a financial advisor.

In this episode, we discuss Mark’s best days on Twitter. Recently, he says the controversial and chaotic revolt of “Redditors” against a prominent Wall Street hedge fund was one of those best…

Creating Raving Fans, Becoming a Better Man & Having Lasting Impact with Brent McDonald

My guest is Brent McDonald. He is the Principal at Summer Creek High School in Houston, Texas, and former Head Baseball Coach at Cypress Falls High School. He & wife, Angie, have two kids, BreAnna, 17 & Dominick, 15.

“Coach Mac,” or “Mac,” as his number is saved in my phone, is someone I’ve always respected & admired. For over 25 years, he’s been a real-life influencer — not to be confused with wannabe modern-day social media “influencers.

As a former baseball coach at Cy-Falls High School, Mac greatly impacted my life’s journey. …

Man Overseas

FIRE. Also write about self-development and culture. Visited 54 countries since 2015. Podcast + Blog + Pictures at

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