Popularity is Currency, Wokeness as Religion, Becoming High-Status with Jerrard Parfait

As a Man Thinketh with Tyler Johnson
The Good Attorneys: Helping Us Fight Hurricane Ida’s Devastation with Matthew Ory, Preston Hayes, David Ardoin & Barry Sartin, Jr.
NCAA’s NIL Rule, Dad Lunch Notes, Social Media & Mental Health with Dr. Chris Yandle
How to Nail Your Next Job Interview, The Big 5 Personality Traits, Intellectual Curiosity with Melanie Boudreaux
Leadership Lessons, Coaching College Baseball & Kicking Cancer’s A$$ with Gee Cassard

Man Overseas

FIRE. Also write about self-development and culture. Visited 54 countries since 2015. Podcast + Blog + Pictures at ManOverseas.com

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